How to Add Beads to your New Shawl, Spring KAL

Have you ever looked at those shawls plenty of shiny little beads and said to yourself, “there is no way I could do something like that”?

Half Circle Dreamy Moon Shawl
Half Circle Dreamy Moon Shawl

Guess what, you can!! and it’s easy. Give it a try!

My new pattern Half Circle Dreamy Moon Shawl has more than 500 beads if you want to add them to it, of course it’s an option.


To add them to your fingering weight yarn you’ll need 4 mm (6/0) beads with a hole of at least 1 mm.

There are 3 methods known to me:

– Dental floss, where you need to use a thread of about 20 cm, make a couple of knots in one side and charge it with the beads.

beads dental floss dreamy moon 20150307_145950

– Hook, for 6/0 beads use a 0.6 mm hook. The bigger the hole of your beads the bigger the hook size you can use.

adding beads hook 20150215_183004

– Pre-charge your yarn; use a darning needle and load your yarn with all the beads needed for your knitting piece.


All of them are valid, the 1st and 2nd will have the same effect, the 3rd will show the beads in a different position.

20150215_plucky s4 beads lifeline3


Have a go yourself to see which one you prefer and is more convenient to you.

Join us for the Spring KAL starting tomorrow, Saturday, March 21st, choose any of my new patterns Half Circle Dreamy Moon Shawl or Crescent Dreamy Moon Shawl and get each pattern at 50% off of its regular price ($5) until then. No code needed.

Half Circle Dreamy Moon Plucky Knitter_0248

Crescent Dreamy Moon Shawl Merino2

Happy knitting!


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