Jogless Stripes in the Round

A few months ago I made this wonderful cowl from a pattern called Stripes to Keep Me Warm, it is an easy pattern, but if you want to make jogless stripes you maybe want to check some videos on youtube and practice by making a swatch or two.

I used Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca and Noro Silk Garden Sock with 4 mm needles, but I would recommend smaller needles to have a tighter fabric. Other than that the cowl is beautiful and warm.

These are the alterations I made over the original pattern:

CO 126 sts. 

Button hole in last garter band of row 5: k2, yo, k2tog, k2.

Next button hole after 14 rows. Rows 19, 33, 49, 65, 79 (first increase in row 81, use twisted yarn over, but not in the plackets). Knit 10 more rows and join plackets, 91. Second increase row 95.


yarn noro alpaca drops cowl20130824_124304 20130827_145814 twisted yo 20130827_twisted yo stripes cowl 20131006_141407 20130829_cowl poncho noro alpaca cowl 20131120_203146

Have you made a project with stripes or even this cowl? Tell us what you think!


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