Sewing Inspiration: Burda Spring 2014

I learnt to sew more than 10 years ago by taking some really nice classes in the neigbourhood where I used to live. During the time the classes lasted (until I found a job that didn’t allow me to attend due to the long hours),  I had a very pleasant time with my colleagues, young and less young ladies, but all of them really kind.

During this years I have sewn quite a few garments, dresses for me and some members of my family and even a cute little coat for my nieces. The last few years I haven’t sewn much and I want to start doing that again, so I have been stashing the last pattern magazines from Burda and Patrones.

burda patrones 20140315

And I have found a very nice collection of garments and styles from the new Burda magazine 03/2014.

burda 032014 cover_0120 burda spring 2014_0067

I think this dress is really beautiful!


I would like to sew these two too 🙂burda dress shirt 0314_0123


And make the cute blue jacket burda blue jacket skirt_0126

Also love the tunic and the coatburda brown coat 0314_0132

I made a seat cover for my bike already, but I need a new one, too much use!burda rain clothes_0134

And you? what would you like to sew?



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