Knitting Tip: Stranded Knitting and Yarn Dominance

Knitting with 2 or more colours at the same time is a nice technique to learn, your final object can be an interesting and beautiful project, but it also can be fiddly and sometimes you don’t end up with the desired result.

To improve your knitting I would like to talk to you about yarn dominance and floats.

When you knit with two colours in one row, one is the background and the other is the pattern, the most important things are to maintain tension and consistency in which order you use your yarns, one comes from above and one from below. If you hold one yarn on each hand, which it seems to be very common, the colour held on the left hand should be the pattern (it stands out from the other colour) and the right hand should be the background. Euny Jang explains quite well the different techniques.


Regarding floats, the longer repeats you have in your pattern the bigger your floats will be unless you use this or any other technique that twits the yarn to avoid it.

I have recorded this short video that I hope you find useful.

The technique is as follows:

To make easier to understand it I’m going to call the yarns right and left, the first is the background, the second the pattern.

For long repeats on your pattern colour (left hand), knit to the desired stitch where you want to cross your yarns, pass your right yarn as if to knit without finishing the stitch, pass your left yarn as if to knit without finishing the stitch either and then take out the first strand (right yarn) and complete the second stitch. That way the right yarn has been crossed at that point, but you won’t see it.

I hope this technique might help you getting neater stranded projects. I’d love to hear your comments.

Floats on stranded knitting

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