Learn How to Make the Best Project Bag

I started this project bag more than 5 years ago. It was mean to be a bag for bread, but after crocheting all those fiddly granny squares I decided to leave it aside and take some time to think what to do with it and maybe upcycle it. howto crochet project bag_0331   Last year or even longer ago I decided to take back the project and complete my bag. I wasn’t sure if that would end up being a shoulder bag, a purse or what. I added a waterproof side, it could be handy for this rainy weather. I sewed a piece of waterproof fabric to a piece of lining of about the same size of my crocheted piece and tried to put all together but it didn’t work. I left the project aside again. 🙁 cut the lining fabric_0336 And then during the last few weeks I have been planning on making a new project bag, or two. While I have been checking my fabric options this “crochet piece” has been there all the time, in front of me, almost telling me “pick me! pick me!”. I’ve been playing around with it, trying to find some inspiration on Pinterest to find a good way to make a bag with it… not easy. Sometimes you push hard on something to make it happen, but it is just not working, maybe it isn’t the right time for it… I tried it one more time. I displayed on top of my craft table all the fabrics, trims, bias, bags, scissors… I looked at them, still not inspired. Nothing I could do then, I left the room. You know that feeling when you are trying to achieve something and it doesn’t work? It’s so frustrating!! I just couldn’t start putting it all together, I wanted the perfect bag. fabrics trims_0284   trim bias project bag_0429 But yesterday I went back to my atelier determined to sew a new project bag, any really. I looked at my sewing machine, all my fabrics, the crocheted piece and said to myself “use it or throw it away”. So I chose the simplest bias tape to sew a non-fancy edge and hide the hems of the waterproof fabric and lining side and continued with the daisy woven trim and then everything seemed to work perfectly. I hand-sewed the crocheted piece to the lining side and it all came together like if it that was meant to be like that from the beginning. I just couldn’t believe how nice turned it. crochet granny bag waterproof_0425   Finishing this bag gives me peace of mind and teaches me that sometimes things happen when they have to. No matter how hard you push for something to happen, it will do so when its time comes. My boyfriend has tried to enlighten me on this and now I see it crystal clear. Isn’t it funny? I guess I wasn’t ready for a crocheted (project or bread) bag, until now 🙂   If you want to make your own project bag this is my recipe to make it: 1. Choose your preferred fabric and size of your project bag. Plan the position of the strings, on top, through the fabric, below a trim or bias? project bag width_0274   Bag length_0277 2. Cut the pieces and press them. I also pressed the crocheted piece, since is cotton is fine. 3. Sew the pieces together and embellish them with some cute trim or bias. crochet granny squares_0335 4. Serge the hems and add bias tape if needed. 5. Place the strings using a safety pin or clip.   Enjoy your new project bag!

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