WIP: Boyfriend Cardigan With a Bit of Curse Too

I started swatching for this project back in December. It is my own design, you know, why keep things easy when I can make it difficult and go nuts with it? 0_o

lima orange gauge 20131023_154513 fisherman stitch gauge20140325_182605 lima gauge 20131023_154502

Quin cardi schematic

I swatched for different stitches and needles, good that I had my yarn choice made already, thanks to my boyfriend that is totally the opposite to me and he CAN keep things easier than I do, what a relief!

Some say that there is a Sweater Curse for real, even the hilarious and popular Electric Sheep has blogged about it a few times. Anyway, I ignored that and started my project expecting it to be finished in less than 2 months, what a fool! Just when I was reaching the underarms I realised that I made a mistake in my maths so I had to undo maybe 70 or 80 rows !! that’s a killer, as you may know. But the motivation and the reward is even bigger than the temptation the leave it aside, and I am 2 or 4 skeins away to finish it; considering that I started with 14 is not too bad, lol.

raglan sleeves cardigan 20140213_221450 tin cardigan 20140222_122019

I’m currently working on the two sleeves at a time, that’s something I have to do for keeping good track of the number of rows, otherwise I would make, for sure, one longer than the other. That’s my go-to method for mittens too. I just can’t make one and then a second one exactly the same, can you? Tell me the secret!

boyfriend cardigan 20140325_171941

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