Spin ‘n Bitch Night

A couple of weeks ago we had our first lovely Spin ‘n Bitch Night in a cozy room full of spinning wheels, spindles and sweets.

spin n bitch 20140203_215033 spin stitch n bitch 20140203_215026

Thanks to my SnB friends and the spinning class taught by Drucilla Pettibone at Craftsy I’m learning how to spin using the Park and Draft method. It takes time, a lot, so I’m looking forward to try a spinning wheel to be able to decide whether I like it or not; I’d really love to spin my own yarn and must say that by looking at my friends it seems to be very relaxing.

I have some nice fibre waiting to be spun, but before that I would like to have some good practise. Hopefully this coming month I’ll have some time to do so.

spindle and fibre 20140302_001736

In the meantime I leave you with a couple of images of our first event, some of us spinning.

spinning night 20140203_222007

The beautiful socks handmade by Sabine.

handmade socks sabinne 20140203_223105_LLS

And the cozy Greek sleepers that Anna was wearing, cute!

spin greek sleepers 20140203_223118_LLS

Do you spin, are learning or would like to? Tell us about it!


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