How to Crochet the Most Beautiful Booties for your Baby

We all love cute little things specially for babies, they look so adorable, but if you want to make a wonderful pair of crochet booties for your baby make sure you don’t miss these steps.

1. Get ready the following materials:

Yarn: 60 (65, 70, 75) metres / 66 (71, 77, 82) yards of Capri or Bolero by Katia or Wollmeise 80/20 in True Love shade yarn or any other fingering/sport yarn.

Capri_cotton yarn

Hook: 3 mm

2. Match your gauge to: 22 dc x 12 rows. 4” (10 cm). I know it can be annoying, but that way you’ll get the right size.

3. Choosing the fibre: Cotton doesn’t stretch whereas wool does it a lot. Wash your swatch to check if your fibre grows or not; and then match your gauge. It could happen that after making your first pair of booties and washing them you end up with a 2 years old size!

4. Read the pattern thoroughly and choose the best size for your baby; check the notes, the required skills and the rest of the materials needed. In this case you will need 2 buttons and 2 different pieces of scrap yarn if you want to make the little embellishments. That’s all!

5. Practice the techniques: Single crochet, double crochet, increases and decreases, work in the round. This last one is not complicated, but it might take you a little bit of time feeling confident with it if you are just learning to crochet.

6. Count your stitches. When we first crochet in the round, joining the rounds can be confusing, but if you follow your pattern and count your stitches after every round you’ll be good.

7. Be patient. When you first crochet a project like this it is normal that the first and second boots do not have the same size, one comes up a little bit bigger. Make a 3rd one if you can and you’ll see how your technique has improved.

Make more booties and enjoy crocheting them!

This is my pattern Luisa Dancing Baby Booties:

Luisa Crochet Baby Booties


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